3D print job: a new modular mudguard system for my bike 1


My new bicycle is special, so special, that normal mudguard systems do not fit or, at best, are keeping only half of the dirt away from me.
So I decided to make my own mudguard system .. the „Bike Shield“.

Hand drawing

bike shield - hand drawing

bike shield – hand drawing

Before I set of to design my Bike Shield in a CAD program, I drew a little sketch, to get an idea about what I wanted to build. Because the printing size of my 3D printer is limited (around 150x150x150mm), I decided to create a modular design. This has another advantage: It is quite easy to design in a CAD tool.

Mechanical design

For the mechanical design I used the free tool „DesignSpark Mechanical“ from RS Components [Link]. It is based on the CAD tool called SpaceClaim Engineer. „DesignSpark Mechanical“ has just a subset of the functionality, but it is powerful enough for smaller projects.
I find it really nice, that it can export your design in STL-format, which can be printed by most 3D printers.

bicycle shield - large spacer

bicycle shield with large spacers

Left and right you can see the connectors to the next Bike Shield. In the middle there are two spaces to attach the „Bike Shield“ to the bicycle frame.

bicycle shield - large spacer - bottom

bicycle shield – large spacer – bottom

On the bottom side you can see two indentions on the upper and lower side, this will reduce mud splashing around.

Paper prototype

paper prototype

paper prototype

Before I start my 3D printer, I like to make a kind of a paper prototype. This takes just minutes, instead of 2:30h/3:00h that the 3D print would take. So it saves lots of time. I found a few minor issues with this paper prototype and corrected them and then I started my first 3D print job.

Pimp my bike

After hours and hours of printing I finally zip-tied everything together (black zip ties might look better):

bike shield -assembled

bike shield -assembled

I also attached some foam-rubber on top of the spacers.

bike shield -mounted

bike shield -mounted

I am really looking forward to test the „Bike Shield“ in the mud tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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