6 Lessons I have learned from pledging money at kickstarter.com

Insolvenzbescheid - Panono

Insolvenzbescheid – Panono

In the last 12 month I supported only a few tiny projects, spending less then 50€ all together on crowd funding platforms like kickstarter.
Compared to the years before that’s a huge drop.

After many unsuccessful campaigns and products that where not as good as in the pitch videos, I have learned some lessons:

1. It’s like Amazon, but without the cool stuff
-customer support? Nope. Did you ever tried to get your money back? Didn’t work for me. – in case of the Panono Action camera: Have to go to court to get my money back.
-next day delivery? Nope
-tax and customs included? Nope
2. Delivery date, is never met
3. There is one Peter Molyneux in all of us. Promises are made, but few were met.
4. The more complex a product the more likely it is to fail – e.g. the Panono Action camera (company is now bankrupt)
5. You will be spammed, some projects send literally hundreds of mails. – e.g. Project Update #114: Two Guys SpaceVenture -> 114 Emails, and still no game
6. Nobody needs another 3D printer, but every week there are a few not 3D printer projects, demanding your help and money. – In fact: you can get them for little money at gearbest or similar platforms.

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