Printrbot: current progress and missing parts

Yesterday I finished the extruder unit:

This is quite a tricky part. You have to rework the printed parts a lot. Be careful, don’t drill every hole. There are some holes where the screw has to cut into the plastics. I drilled all of the holes and had to use some glue.

Then I had to stop my progress, since a lot of square and hex nuts are missing in my kit and also one printed part. See this image:

On the left is the missing printed part (captured from Brooks youtube video) and on the right is the area marked where one of the missing square nuts is needed. These nuts aren’t easy to source here in Germany, since they are not metric 🙁

I wrote an email to the Printrbot guys, about those missing parts. Let’s hope, that their support is better then their documentation and their picking and packing.

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