Riding through the Thuringian Forrest with the Renault Twizy

Oberhof is a little german town in the middle of the Thuringian Forrest.
During our stay we had the chance to try a Renault Twizy for one day.
The Twizy is a tiny car and is fully electric powered. Instead of refueling it at a gas station, you refuel it in a socket.

Here are our impressions

Renault Twizy @Panorama Hotel Oberhof

Renault Twizy @Panorama Hotel Oberhof

We tried to use the back seat in the Twizy. It is very narrow, so we struggeled to get our backpack in. After this first challenge we tried to start the car. But I couldn’t release the handbrake. You really have to step onto the brake pedals, otherwise the handbrake will be locked.

After this starting problems we drove to a placed called the „Schmücke“. I tried to save some energy by going slow. No big deal, since we started quite early and there was not big traffic on the roard. After the first climbs the displayed remaining distance dropped dramatically, but it settled when we reached our tour destination. The batteries were still more then half full.

At the Schmücke we hiked to the nearby peak called „Schneekopf“, the sight was quite bad during this day. So we went for a tea and a snack into a lodge.

On the way back I tried to find out what the top speed of the Twizy was. The display showed 79km/h.

Renault Twizy @Schmücke

Renault Twizy @Schmücke


The Twizy is a nice little car for some short-distance trip. I think it is nicer to drive with it in warmer regions then in the mountains. If the price would be lower (it costs around 7000€ plus a monthly fee for the batteries) and the driving distance longer and the trunk (which does not really exists at the moment) bigger, then it be worth to think about to have one.

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