Statistics: my Kickstarter pledges

After 3 years, it was time to start a new Google Spreadsheet and fill it with some information from my Kickstarter history.

At first I could see, that I spend a heck lot of money – in sum 2822€ (holly molly) for 42 projects.
40% of that money just went to three projects:
– Printrbot, my 3D printer nemesis: so many parts missing, goofy extruder, I was happy to replace it by a UP! Plus 2
– Occulus Rift, man I got dizzy, when playing Half-Life 2 with it
– and Flykly Ebike Wheel, I am still waiting on that one

Before looking at the graph, my thought was, that I had spent fewer money this year compared to the years before. Ok, I did not pledge any project this quarter. So maybe there is a trend to fewer interesting projects, maybe not.

I tried to rate all the pledges that I have received so far according to this scheme:
– 5 points is for exceed my expectations
– 5 points is for meet my expectations
– 3 points is for was a little disappointing
– 2 points is for was disappointing
– 1 points is for was very disappointing, did not meet any expectations

One third met my expectations, the rest were a disappointment. 4 pledges were not worth the money nor the wait (like the Printrbot, some PC games like „Planetary Annihilation“ and „Larry Lafer“).

I could have plotted another diagram, for on-time delivery. But all of them did not deliver on-time so there was no point 😉

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