Introduction Recently I’ve found an quite interesting Arduino shield on: http://www.veear.eu/Products/EasyVRShield.aspx. Using this shield you can control your Arduino using speech commands. The shield consists of these components: – EasyVR Arduino Shield (includes EasyVR module) – Microphone On the website you can also find following free software downloads (see link […]

Arduino: Speech control with the EasyVR Shield

Element14 offers a summer design competition with it’s XL_STAR board in coperation with Freescale Semiconductor. We received this board a few days ago. Here is a quick review video, what’s included in the box and what the demo firmware does: Description (from Farnell.com): – KIT, DEMO-DEBUGGER,XL STAR, W/MMA8451Q – Kit […]

demo: XL_Star board from element14 and Freescale