A visit of the Ars Electronica Museum, Linz – Austria

Last weekend we visited the Ars Electronica Museum in Linz, Austria. It’s not a museum showing things that were common centuries or decades ago. They show present and future technologies and try to raise awarenes for possible problems and opportunities.

Two parts of the exhibition were particullary interessting for me: The first one discussed the data protection in the internet. They showed what data is collected at Facebook and what govermental data registers exists in Austria.
The second and for me even more interessting part was the cutting edge technology that they showed in the second basement floor.
And the really cool thing is, that they don’t hide it behind glass panel, often they let you use it and literally you can hold it into your hands, as I did with the Telenoid robot. The people there really let you touch and try everything and explain. This is the antithesis of classical museum attendants.

I also tried out the rapid prototyping area, where they had laser cutters and 3D printers. I drawed a snowman and they laser cutted it for me.

As you can guess Ars Technica is not only made for older Nerds. Its really interesting for children + parents as well.

Ticket prices (2012): 8€ (adults), 5€ (reduced)
closed on monday
Website: http://www.aec.at/center/en/ausstellungen/

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