Weekly Links (Week 9 / 2012)

This is the sixth round of weekly links. I tried to add a short comment to each one of them.

Picture of the street of gibraltar

Give it five minutes

I should probably also let stuff sink in more often. I start to realize after my first years as developer, that it’s still a long way to go until I know everything better. 😉

Every software project I’ve worked on has used the “Spanish Theory” of project management, and its likely yours have too

There are always 2 sides in this game. Working at a reasonable pace is the responsibilty of every employee. I learned the hard way that it makes sense to not work overtime.

Tmux book from PragProg

Very nice read. I use tmux for quite a while now, but there was still much to learn. The book is worth its price.

Pair Programming Considered Harmful

My experience is, that it is definitly a tool worth having. I believe that being alone might boosts new creative insights – but it does not distribute knowledge within the team and it does not help to keep you focused in a enviorement that is full of distractions.

The Lazy Perfectionist and other Patterns

It made me think in which group(s) I belong..

Why I Don’t Care If You Think Functional Programming Matters

I recommend this article because some aspects of the last few sentences resonate with me. If your motivation to learn and to do your Job is completely intrinsic it does not matter what others say – You just try stuff out, regardless of if its the next big thing or not.

Another aspect of this article I don’t like: The author plays fortuneteller and is certain that functional is the future. Stop.. I should Give it five minutes.

Have a nice week.

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