How to: Robot Arm OWI-535 (english)

item: arm robot kit
where to get: e.g.:
cost: ~50$
assembly time: 2-3h
difficulty: easy

It was an odyssey to get one of the „Robot Arm OWI-535“-kits to my place in Germany. Six weeks after my online order the robot kit finally get here. So there it is.

Let’s look inside the box.

Whew, looks like a lot of assembly work?! But don’t worry, you learn how the mechanics work and the great assembly instruction tell you everything you need to know, by very detailed pictures.

After two to three hours the OWI-535 is fully assembled.

Let’s look how it moves:

Well controlling the robot is quite tricky, maybe I should use a microcontroller instead of my hands, but that’s part of an other project.