How to: Nokia 6100 LCD (english)

Upgrading your AVR-microcontroller with a graphical color lcd is much easier then you think. So here is what you’ll need:
– the lcd: go to ebay and look for the Nokia 6100 LCD, note that there are two different version, one with a green pcb, the other with a brown one
– then you need some further hardware, of course a microcontroller (e.g. ATmega32L) and I recommend you the breakout board form
– and last but not least some software drivers, depending on the lcd version (mentioned above: green or brown pcb), you should use one of these drivers:
brown pcb
green pcb

But the driver sourcecode doesn’t help you, when you want to convert a picture to a format, that Nokia lcd can understand. No need to worry anyway, we have a solution for that – the „Bitmap to RGB8 Converter“-tool.
It generates an .h-file from a bitmap, which you can easily include in your project. Inside the .h-file is an array that contains all the bitmap-information in the RGB8-format.

Bitmap to RGB8 Converter
bmp.h file

(please note: to run the converter program, you need the latest .net-runtime, also note the licence-file)

Sample Code
includes code from the website

#include "bmp.h" //the converted image

/* ... */

int main {

/* initialize your mcu and lcd here */
/* ... */

//create bitmap
for (y = 0; y < (image_width); y++)   {     for (x = image_height; x > 0; x--)
LCD_put_pixel(0x0, x-1, y);

/* ... */