My Ikea Pax sliding closet is already over 10 years old now, but it should be no excuse not to do its job anymore. But the height adjustment did not work properly and eventually one of the two doors felt out of the closet onto my TV. The reason was, […]

Ikea sliding closed needs a little 3D printed fix

Starting with a new hardware platform often has its own issues. The same principle applies also to the Infineon Xensiv Sensor 2Go Kit. Here are the issues I have encountered so far: Wrong silk screen: One pin is marked as NC, but instead some functionality is connected to the pin. […]

Starting issues with the Infineon Xensiv Sensor 2Go Kit

Intel AI Devcamp
Today was quite a rainy day, so I was lucky to be invited to the Intel AI Devcamp in Munich. The reason I signed up for this event was to find out, what the current workflow of the AI tools is. Quite some time has passed since I last had […]

Intel AI Devcamp in Munich

XENSIV Sensors - Getting Started Box IOT from Infineon
During the Electronica 2018 Fair in Munich Infineon was very kind and provided me with a brand new XENSIV Sensors IOT Box. This box is not yet available on the market and will launch probably in Q1/2019. The box features the XMC2GO and XMC1000 bootkit (an Arduino Uno sized ARM […]

My first steps with Infineons XMC2GO

Insolvenzbescheid - Panono
In the last 12 month I supported only a few tiny projects, spending less then 50€ all together on crowd funding platforms like kickstarter. Compared to the years before that’s a huge drop. After many unsuccessful campaigns and products that where not as good as in the pitch videos, I […]

6 Lessons I have learned from pledging money at

plug safe - tool: designspark mechanical
At our home we share a laundry room with our neighbors. In the recent time I have found some evidence that my washing machine has been used by someone else. So I decided to make it a little harder to use my stuff without asking for it. I designed an […]

3D print: Secure your socket plug – with the socket ...

pcb rendering
What is it good for: The IR CAM PI Shield adds infrared LEDs to the Raspberry Pi camera Module. So you can take photos or videos in the dark. Costs: 13$ for PCB manufacturing (for 10 PCBs) -> I have left a few boards, ask if you are interessted. 3$ […]

IR CAM PI Shield

PicoScope - Software
Introduction A few weeks ago I have found a link the BitScope website. BitScope is a manufacturer of handy low cost USB scopes. At their website everything looked nice and easy to use, so I ordered one of their tiny USB scopes. After the first test things looked a little […]

Entry-Level USB Scopes: BitScope vs. PicoScope 2204A

enclosure design
Introduction A few years ago I received a nice little LED lamp as a bonus in an online order. The lamp had one issue, the circuit was optimized for costs not for lifetime of the LEDs. Initial Ciruit After around of 10 hours of accumulated operation, the LEDs started to […]

How to fix a low cost LED lamp

This week I attended an Udemy course by ST Micro about the STM32F7 Discovery Board. It was a great, interactive experience since ST also send me the STM32F7 Discovery Board to try all the hands-on labs for myself. Udemy course site   This MOOC course was the first of its […]

Udemy course: STM32F7 Discovery Board

Last year I built a green house for the tomatoes on my raised bed in my garden (original post: It basically consists of a wooden frame and air bubble film. As it turns out, after one year in service, the air bubble film is not UV resistant and it […]

Upgrading my raised bed green house

Look at this video, where they tell you how easy it is to turn your bike, every bike into an e-bike within minutes. How To: Installing The Smart Wheel FlyKly On Bike With Gears from FlyKly on Vimeo. Ha, that was easy, right? After receiving the Flykly wheel, only with […]

Another Kickstarter Fail: the Flykly E-bike Wheel Odyssey

Recently I had a discussion about the support experience with the EDA tool supplier of my company. They failed to answer our support cases within 2 business days in 50% of the cases in 2015. I think this fact is even worse considering, that they charged us 15000€ for keeping […]

Support fails in my professional life as a electronic hardware ...

power over time, during partial solar eclipse
Last Friday (20.04.15) we experienced a partial eclipse of the sun in Germany. There were some headlines in online magazines saying, that there might be some issues with the electricity supply since the eclipse will impact many solar power plants. And in Germany there are quite many of them.  According […]

The impact of a partial eclipse of the sun to ...