3D Printer: Up Plus! – anti-warping-guide 1

Warping is common issue with 3D printers.

I currently work with the Up Plus printer, there are several things to take care of to avoid warping.

There are four things you should pay attention to:

1. close the fan window

Up Plus 3D Printer

2. preheat the heat bed for 15min

Up Plus software preheat

3. calibrate the nozzle height

3D Print –> Maintainance

Up Plus software - set nozzle height

4. limit the air flow around your printer

If you have further hints, please leave a comment.

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Ein Gedanke zu “3D Printer: Up Plus! – anti-warping-guide

  • Scott Phillips


    Yeah, I have a hint to add about limiting air flow around the UP. I have found that I only need to do this occasionally, so what I do is simply place a large clear plastic storage container (those ones with wheels and clip lock lids) over the top of the machine. This allows me to see the print in progress (unlike a cardboard box) and it has the added advantage of limiting the noise that the beeper makes. 🙂

    Kind regards,