3D printers: Test: Printrbot LC vs. Makerbot Replicator 2 vs. Up! Plus 7

3D printers

Recently I bought my 3D printer. (I know this is crazy.) I was unhappy with the Printrbot LC and the Makerbot Replicator 2, which I thought would be an awesome printer and would overcome everything, that the Printrbot failed to deliver. But it has it’s downsides as well.

Thats why I ordered a third printer: the Up! Plus, which is now my new favorite.

Here are the pro and cons of each printer.

Printrbot LC



-quite cheap ~600$ plus delivery and customs
-open source


-awefull documentation, no real manual, just a small quick start guide exists and some youtube build instruction videos, that will drive you crazy
-loads of parts were missing in my Kickstartet kit, so there was a high level of frustration (they never heard of a scale?)
-heavy problems with the extruder motor: it overheats after 20min of printing. Again – high frustration level

Makerbot Replicator 2

Makerbot Replicator 2


-very fast
-high quality
-high resolution (0.1mm)
-good manual


-prints only PLA, if you have never worked with this material, don’t belive it is so durable as ABS. It really breaks very easily. I was about to remove a part from the printing plate and it broke into 5 different pieces in that moment
-very costly, 2200$ plus delivery and customs
-warping, that freaking me out, you pay a premium price and prints still warp
-the software MakerWare is still in beta state, there are some thingiverse 3D models that will not be printed out correctly and the software is made for idiots, since you can adjust very little and it does not tell you, how long the print will gonna take.

UP! Plus

UP! Plus 3D printer
-medium cost: 1500$ plus delivery and customs


-little warping (see my anti-warping guide over here)
-high quality metal frame
-high resolution (0.1mm)
-they included pretty much everything in the kit: leather gloves, tools, …
-good manual
-software that also adds support structures and tells you how long the print will take


-quite slow, medium frustration level
-annoying alarm sound (it beeps when you initialize it, when you start the print and when it stops, medium frustration level

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7 Gedanken zu “3D printers: Test: Printrbot LC vs. Makerbot Replicator 2 vs. Up! Plus

  • darkspeedy26

    I have the printrbot lc since november 2012 (so not with kickstarter), and i they forgot 20 nuts (imperial size, not metrical, so not available in Belgium), i filled in the form, and about 10 to 20 days after the form, i received them.

    about print quality: the print quality strongly depends on the speed you are printing and the size of the hole. you can buy smaller print heads in their store

    my extruder does get quite hot to

  • Felias

    A small tip regarding the annoying piezo-buzzer: Put a small piece of Tesa over it, and the sound is reduced to a more convenient level. I have a up! mini and this saved my nerves and the sanity of the neighbours 🙂

  • Chris Amow

    Thanks for the comparison.

    I’m still trying to finish putting my printrbot together, short on some bolts so far that’s all I know. I’d like it better if they had stronger defaults for things like a glass bed (not supplied) which I guess most people do.

    About this:
    „heavy problems with the extruder motor: it overheats after 20min of printing“

    So does that preclude you from doing large prints?
    That seems like it will be an awful limitation depending on what happens at overheating time…

    • SES

      @Chris: I could only print bigger parts, when I put a big fan next to the Printrbot and cool the extruder motor, where I attached two heatsinks. But this lowered the printing quality. The layers didn’t stick together very well.

      Finally I gave up, bought an „Up Plus Printer“ and sold my Printrbot. The Up Plus is already preassembled and can print hours without any overheating issues. But warping is still an issue :((

  • Yves

    Hi SES

    Don’t want to spam anyone here with ad stuff but you may want to have a look at the „Delta Tower“ printer. It’s a Swiss „Rostock“ delta type, prints quite large models and is designed for durability and reliability („Swiss Precision“, I guess 😉 ).

    It is a bit costly at around 4’000$ but may be worth the price when you have it running often. On the other hand, it prints PLA, ABS, Nylon, etc. at 1.75 and 3mm, so you’re very flexible.

    They sell it at: http://www.mach3d.ch/produktkategorie/3d-drucker/
    (Site is in German, though)


  • Amadeus

    Your PLA piece broke into 5 pieces really? I’ve been printing high quality PLA parts for months and have never had that problem, and it’s a very durable plastic as well, asuming you don’t hit it with a hammer.