Adding an e-ink display to the Raspberry Pi


Most people know e-ink or e-paper displays from reading devices like the „Amazon Kindle“.

For a few months there are e-paper displays available that can be directly accessed by an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi.

One popular e-paper display kit is the „Repaper display kit“, that is available with displays in different sizes (between 1.44” and 2.7”).
More information can be found here:

E-paper kit

I bought the 2.7″ version. Here is what is included in the kit:

Repaper 2.7" kit

Repaper 2.7″ kit

-one e-paper display 2.7″ from Pervasive Displays
-one pcb
-and a wiring kit


wiring info and drivers can be found here:
-Raspberry Pi / Beaglebone users, use this link:

-Arduino users go this way:


So if you have everything wired correctly and loaded and installed all the drivers, you can run some demos:

E-paper kit wired to Raspberry Pi

E-paper kit wired to Raspberry Pi

And you also can try, what will happen to the display, when you remove the power supply – the display information will be retained 🙂

E-paper display holds image without power supply

E-paper display holds image without power supply


around 40€ for the epaper kit


wiring and setup time: around 30min to one hour

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