Another Kickstarter Fail: the Flykly E-bike Wheel Odyssey

Look at this video, where they tell you how easy it is to turn your bike, every bike into an e-bike within minutes.

How To: Installing The Smart Wheel FlyKly On Bike With Gears from FlyKly on Vimeo.

Ha, that was easy, right?

After receiving the Flykly wheel, only with one year delay, I was very eager to turn my bike as well into an e-bike. And guess what, it totally didn’t work, even after hours of fiddling.

First of all, the guys were totally ignorant to research the situation with the common bike tracks. As far as I know, geared bikes usually have little smaller tracks then single speed bikes. So my bike didn’t work with the Flykly, the track was falling off when I was trying to take a ride with my modified bike. The Flykly-wheel seems to be designed especially for singled speed bikes, demanding a bigger sized track.

Flykly mounted on my bike, track does not fit

Flykly mounted on my bike, track does not fit

After I wrote this to the Flykly support, they send me to a slowenic bike e-shop, that rarely reads it’s emails. And they wanted me to change the sprocket by my self with an arsenal of tools.

FlyKly How To: Change the Sprocket from FlyKly on Vimeo.

I was trying to avoid this adventurous modification and bought a cheap single speed bike instead. This time, it got the right track size. But guess what, the wheel/track tensioners didn’t fit on the Flykly bike, so it couldn’t be pulled away from the frame. You can’t get far with a wheel that scratches at the frame.
So I bought some track tensioners with the Flykly’s diameter (around 12mm), but they where to big after all to pull the wheel away from the frame. So this approach didn’t worked again.

Finally I gave the single speed bike back and bought me a real e-bike from the German brand Ghost. And guess what, it does work without any issues so far.


Everybody can turn their bikes into an e-bike, ok not everybody, only if you are a real bike professional and you are not using the Flykly wheel.

Flykly wheel

Flykly wheel

If you like to buy my Flykly wheel, feel free to write me a message or a comment.

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