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I’ve been working quite a while on my weather station project. Since the first version of the hardware had some bugs, I redesigned the electronics from scratch and created a weather shield for the Arduino. So here it is:


The shield has several sensors:
– barometric pressure sensor – BMP085, from Bosch, I2C interface
– humidity sensor – SHT11, from Sensirion, proprietary serial interface
– light sensor, connected to an ADC-In
– DIO, e.g. for a wind meter
– ADC-Ins for measuring the voltage in the solar system part of the system

Apart from the weather shield I also attached a Xbee shield in order to transmit data wirelessly to a server PC, because I want to display the data on a website.

Before 10:00 a.m. there was no data available. Live sensor data was captured after 10:00 a.m.



– Schematic and Layout (Eagle)
In the schematic/layout you’ll also find a MAX6633 temperature sensor, it’s not necessary to place this IC on your board, since the humididy sensor and the pressure sensor also measure the temperature. Furthermore it’s not necessary to place the PCA9306 on the board. Instead use the jumpers JU10 and JU11 and equip only the pull-up resistors R21 and R22, not R23 and R24. Just compare the part placement with the image of the board at the beginning of the article.

Software for Arduino:

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