Measuring current with an Arduino or any other microcontroller is not as simple as measuring voltages directly with the Arduinos/microcontrollers ADC. In most cases a designer would use a current shunt amplifier/monitor. At first I started with the MAX9634F current shunt amplifier (CSA) in my design. The company Touchstone Semiconductor […]

Arduino: measuring current: use a current shunt monitor

Introduction During the last weeks I upgraded my solar-usb-charger system. Here you can find the original design: (german article). What the old design basically did was converting the 12V DC from the solar powered battery system to USB friendly 5V DC. New Features I added a couple of features: […]

Upgrade: Solar-USB-Charger

I have a couple of new pcbs in development. Firstly there is the lightning-sensor-shield. It uses a AS3935 sensor from AMS to detect lightning. I’m pretty excited to get this one running. Then we have a power LED nano shield. You plug it onto an Arduino Nano. It’s possible to […]

new pcbs: lightning shield, current shunt monitor, …

Today I would like to introduce you to a nice Arduino Duemilanove clone, the OLIMEXINO-328 from Olimex. It has been kindly provided by Some information about the board can be found here: OLIMEXINO-328 manual: OLIMEXINO-328 schematic: Link to product page: The board is fully compatible with […]

OLIMEXINO-328: the better Arduino?

Currently I’m working on two Arduino projects, both will upgrade my weather station. OLED I2C display The OLED is connected to an Arduino Nano via I2C and it measures the current voltage of the solar powered batteries. The OLED display is available at for 16$. Lightning Shield The other […]

Arduino: OLED I2C display and Lightning Shield

Introduction Recently I’ve found an quite interesting Arduino shield on: Using this shield you can control your Arduino using speech commands. The shield consists of these components: – EasyVR Arduino Shield (includes EasyVR module) – Microphone On the website you can also find following free software downloads (see link […]

Arduino: Speech control with the EasyVR Shield

I’ve been working quite a while on my weather station project. Since the first version of the hardware had some bugs, I redesigned the electronics from scratch and created a weather shield for the Arduino. So here it is: Overview: The shield has several sensors: – barometric pressure sensor – […]

Arduino: Weather-Shield – schematics, layout, code, … – everything you ...

Element14 offers a summer design competition with it’s XL_STAR board in coperation with Freescale Semiconductor. We received this board a few days ago. Here is a quick review video, what’s included in the box and what the demo firmware does: Description (from – KIT, DEMO-DEBUGGER,XL STAR, W/MMA8451Q – Kit […]

demo: XL_Star board from element14 and Freescale

Vergangene Woche waren wir wieder auf hoher See unterwegs. Mit dabei war auch das Z-Acceleration-Shield. Beim ersten Teil war die See leider zu ruhig gewesen. Dank des stärkeren Seeganges in der Nordsee konnte man auch deutliche Ausschläge in den Sensor-Graphen erkennen. Dieses Mal habe ich auch Matlab verwendet, um den […]

Mit dem Z-Acceleration-Shield auf hoher See, Teil 2

Eigentlich könnte alles so einfach sein, aber wenns so einfach wäre, könnte es ja jeder, z.B. Elektronik entwickeln. 😉 So zieht sich die Fertigstellung der Hardware des Weather-Shield für die Arduino-Plattform schon wieder ein paar Monate hin. Der Schuldige ist auch ausgemacht, es ist der Barometrische Luftdrucksensor BMP085 von Bosch. […]

Arduino: neues vom Weather-Shield