Awesome learning ressources for web developers

Currently I don’t find the time to blog regularly. Instead I will publish some links once in a while.

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Bildnachweis: „Learning Dream“ von twenty_questions. (CC BY-NC 2.0)


Codeschool is a website, which publishes nice tech-courses on a regular basis. They consist of videos + an interactive part, where you have to solve quizzes. I find this way of learning most entertaining. It sticks much better then to read a book. As a bonus you get a nice public profile, that you can use to brag about how much you learn.


Treehouse offers a introduction to Webdevelopment and iOS-Programming. The course consists of Videos, Quizzes and Code challenges. Its more addressed at beginners then at pros, but I found that its worth revisiting the basics after a few years. The explanation of the topics is really sound and I was supprised that I missed some subtleties of perfect markup.

I highly recommend it to beginners. In my opinion this way of learning is way better then buying a books and reading

Destroy All Software

Destroy All Software is an awesome paid screencast. A new video is published weekly. Topics are Unix, Git, Testing, Ruby, Vim and good OO Design.

Clean Coders

Clean Coders is a series of videos created by „Uncle Bob“ Martin. I really like his „special“ style and had some good laughs, as he appeared as Spock. He pays much attention to presentation and keeps you engaged for hours.


PeepCode Screencasts are awesome. They cover all kinds of topics: Rails, Js, Testing, Productivity, UX Sketching and many more. The presentation is awesome and they are perfect to get you started in a topic.

Pragmatic Programmers

I am a big fan of the books of the Pragmatic Programmers. They are worth every single cent. They cool features like automatic push to your Kindle on every update of the book.

Happy learning 😉

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