My first steps with Infineons XMC2GO

During the Electronica 2018 Fair in Munich Infineon was very kind and provided me with a brand new XENSIV Sensors IOT Box. This box is not yet available on the market and will launch probably in Q1/2019.

The box features the XMC2GO and XMC1000 bootkit (an Arduino Uno sized ARM Cortex MCU board) as MCU modules and many sensor boards that I will cover in another article.

XENSIV Sensors - Getting Started Box IOT from Infineon

XENSIV Sensors – Getting Started Box IOT from Infineon

XENSIV Sensors Box - Content

XENSIV Sensors Box – Content

XMC2GO Module

XMC2GO Module

Today I wanted to get the XMC2GO module connected to my PC and to download a new demo program via the Arduino IDE to the module. This article describes the necessary steps to follow along.

Driver Installation

(I’ll assume you already have installed a >1.5 Arduino IDE on your PC/Mac.)
The integration of the XMC-platform into your Arduino IDE is quite straightforward:

To install the driver I followed the guideline here:

Checking debug connection

When connecting the XMC module for the first time with the Arduino IDE I ran into connection problems. I had to start the Segger J-Link Commander Program to see if the XMC-Module was detected or not.

START -> Segger J-Link –> J-Link Commander

The J-Link Commander tool is nice and simple. Just press „?“ and hit Enter for help and see what kind of functions this tool offers.

Then enter „USB“ – it connects to the XMC module via the J-Link interface.

J-Link Commander Tool

J-Link Commander Tool

During the first successful connection, the tool was asking for a firmware upgrade on the XMCs hardware debugger.

I agreed to upgrade the debugger.

After finishing the firmware upgrade I closed the J-Link Commander and return to the Arduino IDE.

Demo app

Then I tried the RTC-Sleepmode demo app.

XMC Arduino IDE_Demo program

XMC Arduino IDE_Demo program

The program upload was working fine. And here is the result in the UART-Window:

XMC Uart Output

XMC Uart Output


The first steps with the XMC2GO are pretty simple and are no big issue even for beginners.
In the upcoming weeks, I will cover the sensor modules that are included in the XENSIV Sensors IOT Box. So stay tuned.

Update 24.11.18

There is a new Github page dealing with this IOT kit and help you to get started:

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