Printrbot: my new 3D printer and why you need lot of patience 2

Some of you might remember the campaign Printrbot, a low cost 3D printer.

There were some rumors about the projects delays and complications. And when I thought it might would never ship, an email with a tracking number apperared in my email account. This was mid-May.
So it took a heck of a long time to get this thing finally shipped. And if this wouldn’t be enough, the German customs also delayed the shipping. See for yourself:

4 days USA to Germany (Frankfurt a.M.) (17.05.12 – 20.05.12)
23 days from Frankfurt a.M. to me (20.05.12 – 11.06.12)

Today I startet to assemble the kit, only to find out, that the documentation of the project website is not what I expected. There are no assembly drawings or a manual for the LC version. You have to follow a video instruction, see

The current progress:

The assembly is somewhat frustrating, there are some parts missing (screws and nuts and some printed plastic parts (!)). And you have to rework the printed parts, which is not really addressed in the videos. So be careful.

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2 Gedanken zu “Printrbot: my new 3D printer and why you need lot of patience

  • Alex

    I have completed my Plus with same patience as it also missed parts and the USB cable does not work so I bough one. Now as I have a Mac I cannot make it print with Macpronterface. I have no clue of G-Code and so I don´t know how to make it print. The glass was a pain in the neck as it breaks at 70C for ABS to stick. Do you use a Mac?