Printrbot: fourth and fifth day, nearly finished, nearly

The last two days on the Printrbot were quite challenging.
Yesterday I was working on the bridge. Since nothing seems to be right in the BOM regarding screws and nuts, there were no screws to mount the extruder. I had to shorten 4 screws to the right size. And that took it’s time.

Today I’ve been working on the wiring. And yes, there was a needless problem nearly at the end of the assembly. The last cable connector to the extruder motor I had to connect to the pcb was too short, so again some rework necessary. I extended the wires about 15cm.

After that I zipped all the wires together. I noticed that there were no mounting holes to hold the zipties.

Also annoying is, that they didn’t send a European outlet plug for the power supply. Instead they send the US version.

So am I ready to print yet?
No, since there is one printed part missing. And you need some Kapton tape for the heated bed. Both are ordered.

In Germany we call this kind of product „Bananen-Produkt, es reift beim Kunden“. Google translates this with: „banana product, it ripens at the customer“.

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