Starting issues with the Infineon Xensiv Sensor 2Go Kit

Starting with a new hardware platform often has its own issues. The same principle applies also to the Infineon Xensiv Sensor 2Go Kit.

Here are the issues I have encountered so far:

Wrong silk screen: One pin is marked as NC, but instead some functionality is connected to the pin. (Page 4 Optiga board, Pin 12).

Another issue is the documentation itself, it’s also not error free. The Optiga Quickstart Guide tells you to connect the board to the MCU board in the wrong way. (Link: (Date: 2018-07-17) ). They want you to make a damn short circuit between Vcc and GND. Unfortunately this error can be found in all of the current Quick Start Guides of the different 2Go boards of the Xensiv box.

The third issue I have found is, that the boards often don’t have a unique form factor and there are no markings where top side is. So it’s often unclear how to connect them and to tell where the top side of the board is (e.g. Shield2Go Adapter board). So my guess the guy from Infineon telling you to connect Vcc and GND was also a little confused how to connect the boards.

Can you spot the TOP-side?

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