Support fails in my professional life as a electronic hardware engineer

Recently I had a discussion about the support experience with the EDA tool supplier of my company. They failed to answer our support cases within 2 business days in 50% of the cases in 2015.

I think this fact is even worse considering, that they charged us 15000€ for keeping the software up to date and to giving us support. Pretty expensive for two years and a small developer team.

Unfortunately, there are even worse companies – like an Ethernet magnetic supplier, who refuses to answer at all.

Another plague in giving engineering support can be seen at semiconductor companies (I experienced this with a big analog semi company): they wanted me to publicly discuss future design choices in their forums. Right next to every post there, they have information’s about who you are and where you work. Are they nuts?
I didn’t consider them in the design and went to a competitor with direct, personal support. Maybe this company saved a few bucks with the bad support, but they lost multiple deals with us. We did not only consider them in this instance, but also in future designs because of their ignorant support approach.

What are your experiences as a professional, do you even have worse stories to tell?

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