Upgrading my LED ceiling light 1

After two years in operation, the LED current source in my LED ceiling light caused some problems. The LEDs connected to this current source were flickering. So I had to take everything apart, to substitute the defect current source. I also upgraded the numbers of LEDs. 12 white 3W LEDs were already installed, I added 3 white 10W LEDs (Bridgelux ES Array). They have been kindly provided by Farnell.com.

Overview Bridgelux LEDs: http://de.farnell.com/bridgelux/
Datasheet Bridgelux ES Array LEDs: http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/516715.pdf
Link to product page: http://de.farnell.com/bridgelux/bxra-w0402-00000/array-warm-weiss-400lm/dp/1787314

I also used new current sources from Mean Well – MW LPC-35-700. Rated current: 700mA, DC voltage range 9 ~ 48V.
Link for more information: http://www.meanwelldirect.co.uk/public/ranges/pdfs%5Cr1203%5Cr1203_3.pdf

Altogether there are 15 LEDs with a total power of 66W installed in this lamp – shinging so bright to turn the night into day around my PC desk.

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