Exosite IOT website
Headlines with IOT or the Internet of Things can be found everywhere. I was curious too. So I ordered TIs CC3200 LaunchPad – an interesting IOT platform. TI partnered with several service providers to help you to bring your device online. Namely: 2lemetry, Arrayent, Exosite, IBM and Xively. After a […]

my first IOT project with TIs CC3200 LaunchPad

Today I received the brand new Raspberry Pi 2. Soon I will check out, how the extra performance can enhance my projects.

Raspberry Pi 2 just came in

Slowly it is getting cold outside. And like lots of other people my hands can get quite cold. A hand warmer is a neat way to warm your cold hands. In our little experiment today we would like to answer the following questions: -How does a handwarmer look like through […]

Flir IR cam: hand warmer

After 3 years, it was time to start a new Google Spreadsheet and fill it with some information from my Kickstarter history. At first I could see, that I spend a heck lot of money – in sum 2822€ (holly molly) for 42 projects. 40% of that money just went […]

Statistics: my Kickstarter pledges

Oberhof is a little german town in the middle of the Thuringian Forrest. During our stay we had the chance to try a Renault Twizy for one day. The Twizy is a tiny car and is fully electric powered. Instead of refueling it at a gas station, you refuel it […]

Riding through the Thuringian Forrest with the Renault Twizy

This spring we builded a L-shaped raised bed out of gabions in our garden. On the raised bed I planted some tomatoes. Tomatoes are not happy with direct rain. So I had to build a shelter for the tomatoe plants. I created a greenhouse out of some air bubble film, […]

Garden tinker project: Greenhouse for a raised bed

Now it’s summer and our garden is in full bloom. And to keep all the plants alive on a hot summer day you can run twice a day with a watering can from a faucet to the plants back and forth, or you a hose – or you simply automize […]

3d print job: irrigation system pipe peg

Finding a right nozzle for my watering can wasn’t easy. I ordered one online, but it didn’t fit. A few years passed since then and the can didn’t work in the meantime. Recently I had the idea to print my own. The print took about 8,5h – my longest print […]

3d print job: a watering can nozzle

E-paper kit wired to Raspberry Pi
Introduction Most people know e-ink or e-paper displays from reading devices like the „Amazon Kindle“. For a few months there are e-paper displays available that can be directly accessed by an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi. One popular e-paper display kit is the „Repaper display kit“, that is available with […]

Adding an e-ink display to the Raspberry Pi

Every time I’m on a business trip with the German bullet train ICE, the overhead rack is full of black suitcases. Often there’s another Rimowa case next to my one. One way to avoid confusion when picking your case from the rack when leaving the train, is to put some […]

How to personalize my suitcase

What do you do, when you need a small shelf, the next Ikea store is miles away and you don’t have a car to get there? You build your own, out of the many cardboard boxes that you get when you order online. The shelf has 2 levels and I […]

How to build a cardboard shelf in 5 minutes

Withings Pulse Pouch in my pocket
I replaced my old Omron pedometer with the Withings Pulse. The OLED display and the design are nice. However it has one design flaw – it’s impossible to attach the little device to your trousers in a secure way. It’s really easy to loose the Withings Pulse with the original […]

Pouch for my Withings Pulse

I won the TinkerForge Weather Station at the Infineon 2013 online Christmas give-away event. It took a little while for the Infineon reindeer to deliver it, but here it is 🙂 Assembling the kit (it consisting of a handful of laser cut Plexiglas, lots of screws and nuts and of […]

TinkerForge – Weather-Station Kit

Introduction My new bicycle is special, so special, that normal mudguard systems do not fit or, at best, are keeping only half of the dirt away from me. So I decided to make my own mudguard system .. the „Bike Shield“. Hand drawing Before I set of to design my […]

3D print job: a new modular mudguard system for my ...

Sit Perfect App 1
This app (written in Processing) is our entry for the Intel Perceptual Challenge. It tries to help computer users maintaining a better posture. Sit Perfect detects the users face and determines, if the user sits too near or too far away from the monitor. We use the face detection algorithm […]

Intel Perceptual Challenge App: Sit Perfect