What could be better to start a Saturday morning, than a cup of tea boiled with the heat of the sun. — Ok, maybe a cruise in the Caribbean 😉 Last month I picked up this used Solar Cooker for around 60€. It has a diameter of about 70cm and […]

Solar Cooker: making some tea water with the help of ...

This GoPro Ikea Kitchen Timer Mount is ideal to make cool time lapse videos with your GoPro camera. I made this video this morning (weather is pretty bad at the moment :/ ) It’s quite cheap (except of the camera 😉 ) and simple to make. You just need a […]

3D print job: GoPro Ikea Kitchen Timer Mount

My rear reflector couldn’t be mounted anywhere on my new bike. So I printed my own mount to put the reflector below my bicycle seat. The stl-file can be downloaded at thingiverse.com.

3D print job: bicycle rear reflector mount

In the last weeks I assembled the Hexy robot together. Soon after building everything together I found out, that the power supply is not capable of powering the robots 19 servo motors. I use five Eneloop rechargeable batteries. And even those quality batteries are not able to fully power the […]

Hexy the Hexapod – powering issues

Recently we stress tested a Raspberry Pi and checked how hot it got [link]. We were asked to repeat this experiment, with an overclocked RasberryPi. This took a little bit longer then expected but here are the results. The test setup Disclaimer: By no means did we use a nice […]

Thermal behavior of an overclocked Raspberry Pi

A few days ago I received an email, that tinkercad.com is back in business. I like their easy and intuitive 3D cad tool. Here you can find my current design, a USB stick holder, a simple design that only took minutes to design and a few minutes more to print […]

3D print job: a USB stick holder

and done
During my last vacation my umbrella got broke again. Ordinary people would throw it away, but I wanted to fix it. Back home a printed a small tube with my 3D printer. This tube is just fitting over the small broken part. With some glue it should work till the […]

How to fix a broken umbrella with a 3D printer

Just today I also finished this exciting project, a camera rail for the GoPro action camera. It is based on the rails from the german company Igus (link: . I printed two clamps with my 3D printer and added them to the ends of the rail. You can download the […]

GoPro camera rail

finished Hexy
The „Hexy“ is a hexypod roboter from Kickstarter. As always it took quite long until I received it and some parts were missing. Fortunately they were easy to replace. The manual made it pretty easy to put everything together. Here is what I experienced during the assembly: At first I […]

Hexy the Hexapod

Electric Guru: noise 14
Its pretty interesting to measure ones heart beat. A lot of fancy analog circuitry is needed for this. But fortunately there is a Arduino shield for this: the SHIELD-EKG-EMG from Olimex. Hardware: – EKG/EMG shield (price: ~24€), Manual: [Link] -SHIELD-EKG-EMG-PA – passive electrode for SHIELD-EKG-EMG shield (price: ~12€) -Olimexino-328 – […]

ECG: measure your heartbeat

evo repaired
My Evo/Mint cleaning robot made some crunching noises when it was driving and cleaning around my floor. So I thought it’s time for a quick maintance. It’s pretty easy to open the enclosure of it. Just unscrew these for screws: After that you can see what’s inside. Surprisingly there are […]

Looking inside – the Evo/Mint cleaning robot

UP! Plus print
After the thermal shots of the Raspberry Pi I also made some therma images of my UP! Plus 3D printer. pre-heating Pre-heating is important to minimize wrapping. After 10min of pre-heating the heat-bed has a temperature of 55°C. print During printing the ABS has a temperature of 63°C and the […]

UP! Plus: thermal shots

We want to host a few of our blogs here at home. Before we start and build a rack to hold all of the Raspberry Pi’s required, we want to make sure that there are not thermal problems. Thats why we wanted to stress test one of them. We used […]

Raspberry Pi Stress Test

There are some heatsinks for the Raspberry Pi and I wanted to evaluate if I need one. So I decided to take some thermal images of it under typical load. I used my FLIR camera. Here are the first results. After 10min in idle mode (96% idle): 39°C CPU temperature […]

Raspberry Pi: thermal images

Today I got the first batch of Raspberry Pis. So here is a first llok, what is inside the box:

Raspberry Pi: Unboxing